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I first met Carrick when we were both twelve years old. From the moment I set eyes on him, I knew he was the one. His kind eyes and cheeky character made me fall in love with him instantly, and I felt so lucky to have him in my life.

We would gallop around the fields and the woods, jumping tree trunks and hacking with friends. Go to local shows and hunter trials where he would be a complete show off and win everything! When I think back to those days, all my memories seem to be of warm, sunny days with the smell of fly spray in the air. We had the time of our lives!

We grew up together, and in my teenage years and my twenties he would share in my heartbreak of falling out with friends or boys; listening with his ears pricked as I talked about my latest crush, or letting me sob into his neck when things went wrong. He was my constant rock...my shoulder to cry on and my friend to laugh with. With his character, you felt as though he understood every word you said.

Carrick was a complete gentleman but also very cheeky. When riding him he loved to "pretend" he was scared of a daffodil and do a giant spook, or bolt off because he felt the wind under his tail. But most of the time he was as good as gold, and I loved riding him more than anything. He was constantly after carrots or some sort of food, and he was everyones best friend when they walked past his stable. A ray of sunshine to all who met him, with his kind soul and wonderful heart.

Now that he's gone, at thrity years old, there is a massive void left in my life. He wasn't just my horse or my best friend, but also an escape from everything that life threw at me. When it was just the two of us I could be drawn into a different world, where I didn't need anything or anyone else, and everything seemed wonderful. He would cheer me up in an instant. I think that's the hardest thing with having lost him now, which is why I have had this piece of jewellery made from his hair. Even though he's not here anymore, I still feel like he is going to stay with me forever through life and share in my ups and downs. I'll never forget the connection that we had, which will stay with me forever.   Victoria, April, 2018









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