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When we are born, one of the first senses available to us is the sense of touch. Throughout the rest of our lives physical contact then continues to play a vital role in our physical and phycological health. Our special horses help fill that basic need for physical touch and affection. How many of us have told our horses our secrets and fears, hugging them and breathed in that wonderful scent. We felt better afterwards!

Part of our grief when they are gone is we can no longer hold, touch, pat, cuddle or kiss them. So imagine if you could still tangibly touch a REAL piece of them and keep them close to you forever more! 

I have felt very priviledged to help owners for over 18 years now, do just that, by making a custom made piece of jewellery from their very OWN horses hair. The unique and special piece of jewellery can be worn constantly and touched whenever the need to feel close again arises. It can help hold strong special memories that are preserved forever.

It is a job I absolutely love doing and can't see myself every doing anything else! Hearing such comments as "...it fits perfectly and it's so comforting to keep a bit of my gorgeous boy with me in such a beautiful way" makes me feel very happy and rewarded. I feel that in some small way I have helped with their grieving process and to keep the special bond they had with their horse alive.

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