Horse Hair Jewellery from Tail End Jewellery

Tara was my world from having her at the age of 5 until she went to the gallops at rainbow bridge nearly 3 years ago aged 22.
She was larger than life at 16.3hh and we shared our lives together. She was my best friend who i could tell everything and she would listen. I have cried into her mane, shared billions of kisses and had fun too.
When she left me she took a massive chunk of my heart and not a day goes by where she is not in my thoughts. 
I have two beautiful necklaces made from her tail that are with me always and to Tail End Jewellery I'm very grateful.
I have two young (smaller) cheeky Welsh Section D ponies to keep me busy and time to have a new piece made with their tail hair.
Thank you for the work and forever memories that I can keep close forever

Sam  October 2015