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Silver Cloud

Silver Cloud

Silver came into my life just before I turned 20, with everyone telling me not to buy a horse. I'd recently overcome my fear of horses and had been working with them for nearly a year when my precious boy came into my life as a rising 4 year old. 

We shared many memories and he beacame my entire world, I would do anything needed to make his life the best it could be. He taught me many things and would often listen to me blubbering on his chest and have his special way of letting me know everything would be ok. He was a show off in the Shire Horse classes at shows and a cheeky but gentle giant at home.

Earlier this year he had successful surgery for a displaced colon and after weeks of box rest and inhand grazing, we were about to start slowly introducing some very light exercise.

Unfortunately he relapsed (5th time in 4 weeks) and I had to make the very hardest decision I think I will ever have to make and do what was right for my best friend! He went peacefully at the age of 18, with me talking to him and kissing his nose as I always did before leaving the yard in the evenings. Our bond was incredible.

The last 14 and a half years have been extremely memorable and I will never forget you baby boy. The ring Alison has braided your tail into is perfect and as much as I would rather have you by my side, I look at the ring and smile (sometimes shed a few tears) and remember all the good times we had together.

Now you've grown your wings and you are pain free, thats all I could ask for, no more suffering. 

Thank you for being such a loyal and loving first and only horse.

Always in my heart. I love you xxx

Jen, July 2018









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