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I knew I wanted to honour my horse "Bee" with a piece of jewellery from Tail End Jewellery, after I bought a beautiful necklace for my friend who lost her horse a few years ago. I just didn't realise I would be ordering it so soon.

I bought Bee as a barely broken 3 -year old. When I went to look at her, I told myself I didn't want a mare, and I certainly didn't want a grey. However, in a quiet moment together in the stable, when I scratched her withers and she bent her head around and nibbled my elbow, I knew I was going to take her home.

Although, as a young horse, she dumped me very successfully a number of times, we eventually formed an extremely strong bond. Whatever I asked of her, she would do her best to achieve it. Together we took part in affliated eventing and then, after I had my daughter, she turned her hoof, very successfully, to dressage.

Bee took me to numerous British Dressage Area Festivals, and Regional competitions, she won hundreds of rosettes. But in the sixteen years I spent with Bee, the best thing about her was seeing her head over the stable door every morning, and hearing her whinny at me. That's something I'll always remember.

Rachel, October 2018









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