Horse Hair Jewellery from Tail End Jewellery

My 10.3hh little Ozzie was bought for Eliza to do her final year of Junior Mounted Games on in 2012 and with the help of an amazing team trainer called Lisa they had great success and were always in the top teams at every Pony Club Friendly. They won at Area, were fourth at Zone and at the Championships.
When Heath, my youngest took over he was well versed in all races and they went on to be third at the Champs in 2014 and very nearly took the top spot at the Pony Club Championships at Cholmondeley this year 2015, being 3 points behind Atherstone. Having come second at Area and winning the Zone Finals, which are the qualifiers.
When we came to sell him in September it was very sad as he had been a big part of thier childhood as we travelled the country for all the competitions. he has bought us all a lot of pleasure.
Happily he has found the right home down in Berkshire and is giving his next rider an amazing time with her new team friends.
The bracelet is lovely. I will save it for her Christmas present and I know it will mean a lot

Claire October 2015