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Otto, Moonshine & Devi

Otto came into my life in March 2001. A 14.1hh Thoroughbred x Welsh Section B. Otto was the cheekiest, naughtiest and most intelligent pony I have ever known! He taught me to sit to rears, bucks, twisted bucks and leaps. A talented showjumper, he never refused or touched a pole.

I used to have an audience when I rode Otto, as people used to wait in anticipation to see what his latest party trick or "airs above ground" would be with me on him!

Otto sadly developed severe laminitis, and more recently cushings forcing a devestating early retirement from ridden work (although in his 20's, Otto was still actively enjoying his ridden work, including a full range of his party tricks!). However, being lucky enough to have purchased a property with land, stabling and a menage, Otto still rules the yard and is the proudest pony I know. I own a horse walker and Otto still goes in it twice a day to keep up his all important exercise. 

On 22nd February 2019, my best friend will be 28 years old. Otto - you are my world. I have a huge collection of jewellery, earrings, bracelets and necklaces with Otto's hair. They mean the world to me now, and they always will.


On 19th February 2005, Midnight Moonshine, my 13.3hh Anglo Arab x Welsh B joined Otto as part of my horsey family. Moonshine was the most gentle and well mannered pony I knew. We enjoyed everything together from show jumping to hacking, from X country to sponsored rides. And more recently, I fulfilled my dream of riding her on the beach and in the sea. A truly magical and special day. 

I felt the luckiest girl in the world to own both Otto and Moonshine.

Moonshine was in ridden work until the tragic day I lost her on 23rd February 2018 - just exactly 6 weeks short of her 28th birthday. Not long before she died, we'd been on our beach ride and on a sponsored ride.

I miss her dreadfully and the Tail End Jewellery I have collected over the years is dearly treasured. Not a day goes by that I don't think and remember my special little girl who I feel was taken from me far too soon.


November 2009 saw the introduction of Wenlock Edge Sky, my 31" minature Shetland to my well established pair - Otto and Moonshine. Devi came to keep Otto company whilst I rode Moonshine. At only 17 months old, he was an extremely cheeky and naughty little pony, but so loveable as well. Devi was, and still is, very good at escaping, so I had to wire all my paddocks or the cheeky little monkey would roll underneath the rails to join my pet sheep. Devi has quickly realised that my sheep had far richer and better grazing than he was allowed!

Devi and Otto love grooming each other and regularly end up in the same stable as each other as I am sorting them out! It's hard to believe Devi is now 10 years old! He gave me and excuse to add to my ever growing Tail End Jewellery collection!



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