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I will never forget the first day I met you. Stood in a barn, as I apporached, you turned to me and the most beautiful deep brown eyes looked back at me. I was in love with you immediately! I had got my dream beautiful bay horse called Lady.

You were 7 then, you had a strong personality but a deeply kind nature. I had no idea how to look after a horse but I soon learnt. You gave me so much joy, we got to know each other and a strong bond was developed between us. A few months later you suprised me with a foal, Phoebe, another new learning experience but I truely wonderful one. I will never forget, you were a lovely mum.

After sharing you with another person you then truely became mine. An amazing moment in my life, I would have done anything not to have lost you.

We shared many exciting moments, you taught me so much, and I shared all my worries and secrets with you.Without you I wouldn't have experienced all our wonderful adventures we've had. Amazing rides, and people through the years.

You looked after me,  I always felt safe and so proud to be on your back, and if I had a bad day or had worries, you took them away with an exhilirating ride often at speed around a bend, with the wind flowing through your mane.

I will miss you so much, but you gave me so much and I am grateful you came into my life. I'm lucky to have had you for 18 wondeful years.

I will never forget your happy squeal in the spring paddocks! Your centipede trot, and the walk to canter without being asked. Everything in nature will remind me of you! The spring cow parsley. Purple Ronnie's, the May Tree and that wonderful horse smell that only we horse people love.

I say goodbye to you now but know I will never forget you!

You are truely free now so run and squeal in the great rolling hills of time. 

To the most beautiful horse in the world. My best friend Lady.

Jo, December 2018










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