Horse Hair Jewellery from Tail End Jewellery

For over 14 years Tail End Jewellery has been braiding and weaving horsehair from your OWN horse’s tail into stunning and unique pieces of jewellery that can be treasured and cherished forever. Keeping your horse close to you at all times.

We have a wide range of charms and beads that can be added to any of the horsehair jewellery to customise and personalise the pieces.

We also now stock a range of quality Sterling Silver Equine themed Jewellery as well as non equine jewellery that compliments our range. There is something for everyone!


  • Silver bracelet
  • Horsehair Bracelet
  • Horsehair Necklace
  • Inlaid horse hair ring
  • Horse hair & leather bracelet
  • Pony Brooch
  • Pony pendant
  • Silver horsehair necklace
  • small-imgHorse hair bracelet
  • small-imgHorse hair bracelet
  • small-imgHorsehair necklace
  • small-imgRing inlaid with horse hair
  • small-imgLeather bracelet
  • small-imgPony jewellery
  • small-imgPony necklace
  • small-imgSilver horsehair necklace